Top 3 Shoes

A number of you have asked us whether there were cycling shoes that worked particularly well with the Stryde bike. First off – any reliable cycling shoes that are compatible with SPD clips or even sneakers will work! But of course we have a few favorites, and we wanted to share them with you.

1. TIEM shoes. This Boston-based company (go Beantown fitness scene!) launched just a few years ago, but has since then accumulated a legion of fans in indoor cycling world, us included. The concept of a SPD shoe that doubles up as a sneaker that you can wear off the bike has been around for a while, but TIEM executed it to perfection. Beautiful design, extremely high level of comfort, and high quality – trifecta that makes this brand our favorite. There are plentiful color options too. The only drawback? No men’s line! We sure hope it comes out soon.

TIEM Cycling Shoes

2. Tommaso Pista shoes. Ok, first off this company definitely sounds like an Italian firm with 100+ year old heritage. We give kudos to awesome branding for this Denver, Colorado bike manufacturer that has expanded into cycling shoes for bikers, and make a shoe that’s equally loved by indoor cyclists! Beautiful, modern, solid, and sturdy, this shoe have highly comfortable padding and are clearly built to last. The heel support is excellent – just make sure your order the right size, they run a bit small.

3. Shimano Men’s CT500 Shoe

For male riders who are craving something similar to TIEM shoes, these Shimano ones are a solid choice. The price is compelling too, but there are a few riders who complained about the fit. Make sure you buy at a place with a good return policy! But most likely you will love them.