Riding Into September

Dear Stryde Community,

We wanted to wish a warm welcome to all our new riders! With many bikes being delivered every week all around the country, we are thrilled to be cycling with you.

We are very excited to announce a brand new Stryde Facebook Group! We hope it becomes a forum for exchanging your personal stories, sharing fitness tips, asking questions and just a fun place for our members to meet each other virtually!

One question we frequently get asked is – what is the best way to access other content on the tablet in addition to the Stryde app itself? One easy route is through the built-in browser, but you can download standalone Android apps on the tablet as well. Due to the tablet’s size, Google Play is not available. However, Stryde’s tablet is unlocked which means you can download most apps directly from websites like APKMirror. If there’s a specific app you are looking for, feel free to message us and we can point you in the right direction, or you can always ask other members in the Facebook group!

You may have seen on our Instagram that we recently added classes from Fred Smith, who is a master cycling instructor with over seven years of teaching experience. Fred spent many years living in Atlanta and recently moved to New York City. Away from the Atlanta studio where he used to teach, Fred set up a virtual studio in his New York home. With Fred expect high energy, fun classes, with more work in the saddle and focus on metrics.

And finally, the most popular class of August….. Through The Decades with Lindsay Gunderson! Clip in and check it out if you haven’t already!