February Newsletter

Hi Stryde fam! We hope you are all healthy and well.
As many of you may already know, this Black History Month, Stryde has invited our community to remember, acknowledge and honor the energy and meaning behind this month. We’re encouraging you to join the celebration around the black community and culture through music and movement while taking time to amplify black artists and voices with each of the Black History Month rides that are hosted on the Stryde app.

For every unique rider to take a Black History Month class on the app, Stryde will be donating $5 to The Loveland Foundation.

The Loveland Foundation brings opportunity and healing to communities of color, especially to Black women and girls. Through fellowships, residency programs, listening tours, and more, it is their ultimate hope to contribute to both the empowerment and the liberation of the communities they serve.

Lastly, here a few final notes to leave you with:


Though January seems like forever ago, we want to thank each of you who participated in the Stryde Healthy Start Challenge. Your motivation going into this new year did not go unnoticed. For those of you who were not able to participate, we want to let you know that there are more challenges coming throughout the rest of the year. Stay tuned!


We have been busy behind the scenes with a huge and very exciting app update that we hope to have rolled out to you all in the upcoming weeks. In the meantime, we’d like to share with you what you can expect to see in the update:

  • An updated look and design
  • Calendar with recent workouts
  • Miles tracking during class
  • Updated leaderboard
  • Achievements – cycling milestones

We are thrilled to continue to grow with you all and to see our Stryde community strengthen and inspire while focusing on what our bodies need and taking time to focus on the things we love.