Amplifying Voices: Yesenia D.

Yesenia is a force on and off the bike. This probably doesn’t come to a surprise to those who have had the opportunity to meet her, or get lost in her beat-based, heart-pumping rides at our partner studio, Prime Cycle, or on the Stryde app.

She’s a leader who believes in pushing past comfort zones. Practicing what she preaches, Dominican Bronx native, stepped outside of her comfort zone and 9-to-5 job and transitioned into sharing her passion for health and fitness full time as a fitness professional and founder of FLEX… by Yess in New York City. This month, and every month we continue to celebrate and be inspired by the passion and inclusivity Yesenia brings to the wellness space. Be on the lookout for Yesenia as she continues to connect with people and share her mission of providing a unique escape that delivers joy and sweat.

What does Black History Month mean to you?

“Black History Month to me means a celebration of the African American culture and history. It means paying respect and tribute to the generations of African Americans who struggled with adversity to achieve citizenship and respect in this society.”

What / who has been your biggest inspiration? 

“The history itself has been my biggest inspiration. The contributions and the sacrifices of those who have helped shape this nation from long ago till present day.”

How do you celebrate and uplift the Black community and culture within the fitness and wellness space?

“By being me. Being able to incorporate my culture, my style and my personality in all my classes while helping people achieve greatness. That to me is the celebration.”

When creating your Black History Month playlist, what was your inspiration?

“Honestly I had no real inspiration, my main goal is always to keep my playlists enjoyable. I want riders taking this ride and any ride to always feel empowered, strong and capable of greatness. One thing this specific playlist can do though, is remind people of the great voices and talent within the African American community and how many have impacted the music industry, artists today and for generations to come.”

Keep up with Yesenia on Instagram and ride with her on the Stryde app.