Riding Into November

Hi Stryde Community, There is a lot of excitement here at Stryde and we are thrilled to finally share it all with you! GIVE A BIG WELCOME TO PRIME CYCLE Prime Cycle is joining the Stryde community from Hoboken, NJ with full-body, cycling workouts that are choreographed rhythm riding. Their dedicated and experienced team willContinue reading “Riding Into November”

Riding Into September

Dear Stryde Community, We wanted to wish a warm welcome to all our new riders! With many bikes being delivered every week all around the country, we are thrilled to be cycling with you. We are very excited to announce a brand new Stryde Facebook Group! We hope it becomes a forum for exchanging yourContinue reading “Riding Into September”

Riding Into August

Hi Everyone, We are so excited to welcome two new instructors to Stryde: Liz Stoyan and Melanie Schneider, both from High Ride Cycle! Melanie brings the perfect balance of fun and hard work. She’ll have you sprint for 90 seconds, but she’ll also ask politely – “Please!” – and smile the entire time. In classContinue reading “Riding Into August”

Riding into May

It has now been over a month since we launched the Stryde app and we could not be more excited to be shipping our first Stryde bikes this week! Thank you so much for letting us into your homes. We hope you’ve enjoyed riding with us as much as we’ve enjoyed riding with you! Thank you also for theContinue reading “Riding into May”

Top 3 Shoes

A number of you have asked us whether there were cycling shoes that worked particularly well with the Stryde bike. First off – any reliable cycling shoes that are compatible with SPD clips or even sneakers will work! But of course we have a few favorites, and we wanted to share them with you. 1.Continue reading “Top 3 Shoes”

Studios on Stryde

Having a great instructor can make such a difference in your workout. When we were looking for partner studios for Stryde, we of course wanted to join hands with awesome instructor teams who will give our riders a heart-pumping fun class experience. But what we also love about boutique studios are the variations between them.Continue reading “Studios on Stryde”

ClassPass Awards

Wow: three of our studio partners were recognized as the best fitness studios in their cities by ClassPass voters! That’s High Ride, City Cycle and RedBike – and now you can find their awesome instructors on your Stryde bike. What’s cool is that all three are great, but all different. Megan’s team at High RideContinue reading “ClassPass Awards”

Creating the Bike

Before we set out to design our own hardware, we extensively tested existing products in the market and came up with our wish list for what we want to see in our own bike. First off, of course, was the tablestakes, high performance: we needed to have a smooth magnetic resistance, sturdy flywheel, extremely comfortableContinue reading “Creating the Bike”